Quickly find images and icons

MassView if the unique icon extractor program that takes a chance to operate with large arrays of icons, cursors and bitmaps, which are located in a folder of a disk or in executable files (EXE) or dynamic link library (DLL).

You can view all icons, cursors and bitmaps from specified location in the right list where there are shrunk images of bitmaps and one at a time image for every icon. You can see full size bitmaps and all images of the selected icon double clicking on the selected list item or using context menu or toolbar commands. Also you can save every image and icon to file or copy it to clipboard. MassView supports all standard icons and new XP-style antialiasing icons.

Starting with version 1.15 MassView supports cursor extraction. Among new features of MassView 1.15 is saving all images and icons to files from the selected location. Also with new version of the program you can view, save and copy to clipboard icons directly from directory tree using context menu. Normal icon and open state icon are possible to save.



MassView 1.15